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Regina & Julia

Posted by Kate - Admin | 11 February

A lovely day full of good people, good food, and a trip to the grocery store.

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Wizard World Conic Con, New Orleans

Posted by Kate - Admin | 8 February

Check out this clip of Robert Englund singing "Freddy's Lullaby". More footage inside from Comic Con of Stan Lee, Alan Tudyk, Robert Englund, and Linda Hamilton & Michael Biehn!

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Snow in Natchez

Posted by Kate - Admin | 31 January

Snow in Natchez! Who could resist the opportunity to go out and shoot on a day like this?

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"Natchez has a lot to offer, including some of the best views I've seen in Mississippi."

King's Tavern - Natchez

Posted by Kate - Admin | 27 Januray

Stephen and I had the opportunity to shoot photographs for some King's Tavern print pieces and managed to capture some video while we were there. This is the end result.

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Christmas at The Towers

Posted by Kate - Admin | 26 January

We've enjoyed working on some images for an exciting new project with Ms. Ginger over at The Towers.

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Kinetic Type Demo

Posted by Kate - Admin | 26 January

This demo is a work in progress for Kath Luty. We are creating on a typography video to promote her business.

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NPRO Web Header

Posted by Kate - Admin | 24 January

This is the video you see at the top of our web page. I'll tell you about the clips here!

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NPRO's first post!

Posted by NPRO | 20 January |

We are Natchez Professional Photography & Design Studio (or NPRO Studio) and we are here to help you with all your creative needs! After attending college in Hattiesburg at the University of Southern Mississippi, Kate and Stephen decided they wanted to pool their abilities and create a business that offers a broad spectrum creative services to those in need.

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