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Posted by Kate • Video

Shown here is the video you see in the header of our site. The first clip you see is in the Mississippi River taken in Natchez, MS. Next, you'll see Flatbread pizza and fish in the authentic woodfired oven at King's tavern in Natchez. At 00:39 is a clip of passengers boarding the American Queen before she sets off to Vicksburg. The next clip is of Margherita, a sweet and beautiful Tennessee Walking Horse on a farm in Kentucky. At 1:00 you will see footage from a morning at The Towers in Natchez. It rarely gets below freezing in the south and the birds didn't seem to know what to do with themselves! Our theory is that the fountain was the only running water around and the needed to move a lot to stay warm. Next, we cut to a scene from King's Tavern which you can also see in the King's Tavern dinner video. This was an impromptu shot that we set up at dinner after shooting photographs all day at the Tavern. The next scene is of a barge on the Mississippi and then we cut to a peaceful scene from western Kentucky. Our final shot in the video is from a magical day in Natchez where it snowed like someone moved us up north! We occasionally get little flurries down here, but I've never seen such a heavy snowfall in South Mississippi. This particular clip was shot at Twin Oaks of Natchez, owned by Regina Charboneu.