Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn Terminator Q&A at Comic Con in New Orleans, LA
Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger) answers questions at Comic Con in New Orleans, LA
Alan Tudyk (from Firefly, Frozen, & more) entertains at Comic Con in New Orleans, LA
The legendary Stan Lee at Comic Con in New Orleans, LA

Wizard World Comic Con, New Orleans

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The Con was On! And man was it awesome. Stephen and I were able to go down to New Orleans for the weekend to help film some of the events at this years Wizard World. I applied to assist at the con early one morning on a whim and didn't expect to hear back because it was only a few days from the event. Well, NPRO got a response promptly and the next thing you know I am speaking over the phone with one of the Wizard World crew to make sure we would be alright for the job and get instructions! We were fairly nervous and did not know what to expect - not only was it our first Con, but we had never filmed an event of such large scale and with no preparation!

We loaded up the jeep with equipment and a few friends and headed out on Friday morning and by Friday afternoon, we were set up filming panel discussions. The WW Crew was stationed in the "Social Media Hub" where we stopped in to say hello, get our assignments, t-shirts, and badges. Everyone I met that was part of the crew was amazingly nice and upbeat especially considering the hordes of excited nerds swarming all around. You could tell that this was definitely not their first rodeo. It seemed like chaos at first, but considering all the variables, shifting schedules and volunteers it was actually very well organized. We were able to immediately check into our hotel then get to work because of how organized and prepared everyone was. The first evening we filmed a panel given by the Ghost Hunters. We were in a small room with low light and just getting our feet wet so the footage wasn't the best but it wasn't bad considering the circumstances. We had a nice night out with the friends and discussed what we would do differently the next day.

Saturday rolled around and it turned out to be a big day! We had 4 large panels to film back to back.. to back. Our first task was to film Mark Shapiro of Laika Studios (creators of Coraline, Paranorman and more). The Laika panel was one of the most interesting awesome panels I've ever been to, but we were disappointed in the footage as there was very low light and a large part of the segment was shown on a projector. We had much better luck for the rest of the day though when we were able to move to a larger room with better locations and lighting! After Laika, we filmed Alan Tudyk, Robert Englund, Stan Lee and Linda Hamilton/Michael Biehn in one straight run. We were able to get much better positions. Stephen set up the 6D front and center and I tried to get various crowd shots and question shots on the B cam. The footage above is what was compiled from those shoots. Unfortunately, I had to wipe the GoPro SD cards in order to keep some of the 6D footage so I was never able to see what I got with it. Saturday was pretty hectic as we were scrambling all day to keep batteries charged and memory cards available! We are used to having pretty short and well thought out shoots and we were surprised at how unprepared we were for this particular situation. Also, it didn't help that the harddrive on the MacBook was completely full so we couldn't just dump our footage onto the computer. All in all, I think it was a great experience and a lot of fun! We are looking forward to trying to film more Cons in the future.

Be sure to check out the guys at Wizard World! They have some pretty awesome videos on their youtube channel and post updates from all over the country on their Facebook!